Specticle (Indaziflam) Movement into Perennial Ryegrass Overseed

I viewed a few courses yesterday with Specticle movement from non-overseeded bermudagrass to bermudagrass fairways overseeded with perennial ryegrass.  The movement was substantial in places and creates a jagged look to the fairway edges.  Here is the kicker though– the supers I spoke with do not mind the injury.  To them this is not a big deal.  The annual bluegrass control is so good that they said they can live with the movement injury.  The amount of play is limited this time of year so as the bermudagrass begins to green up in March these areas will begin to mask themselves. Don’t get me wrong — this type of injury is not “acceptable” per se.  It is, however, tolerable.

In most cases the injury is only a few feet, but in one instance it moved across an entire fairway.  See the pictures below.

2015-02-10 13.40.19 2015-02-10 13.58.13 2015-02-10 13.49.43 2015-02-10 13.03.03


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